Meet Cutthroat Shaving Company:

“Cutthroat Shaving Company is very excited to be a part of the inauguration of The Shipyards at the Gravenhurst Wharf. After several years of participating at various artisan shows such as The One of a Kind and Original Show in Ottawa, we believe this is the perfect location for the Muskoka launch of our line of men’s grooming products.

The goal of The Authentic Cutthroat Shaving Company is to recreate the back-to-basics barbershop experience with products designed and crafted in Ontario with quality ingredients for today’s man. Our product line includes soaps, oils, tonics and shave brushes hand made with all-natural, sustainable ingredients designed to bring the relaxation of the barbershop ritual to your daily shaving and grooming experience. Other high quality accessories such as straight razors, safety razors, shaving bowls and strops are available as well.

We look forward with great enthusiasm to becoming a part of The Shipyards marketplace!”

You can learn more about Cutthroat Shaving Company by visiting their website:, or finding them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!