Meet Tilley Canada:

“We’re often asked, what does it take to make a Tilley hat?

Most folks already know they’re handmade. But it takes more than one pair of hands to usher a legendary Tilley hat into the world. Travelling through 23 sets of expert hands, stopping off so that each could apply their individual skill and expertise. It’s progressed through 41 separate stages, to arrive to you today.

Proudly made in Canada and designed to endure whatever the world can throw at it, a Tilley hat is more than simply a lightweight, practical, durable, reliable, stylish travel essential. It’s history on your head.”

In addition to finding a variety of Tilley hats at the Shipyards this Summer, you can learn more about Tilley and their incredible lineup of hats on-line at, or by finding them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest!